How Can HTML5 Help You?

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October 19, 2015
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How Can HTML5 Help You?

HTML 5, Best Website Works

For anyone who has built their own website, or is looking to build their own, you will probably be familiar with HTML and what exactly it is and does for you. Essentially, you have to have some sort of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in order to have any website. Facebook as well as all the email pages you have are built on this and for many years everyone has been running on HTML4. But now, with the recent upgrade to HTML 5, many people are questioning exactly what it can do to help website developers and people in general.

HTML 5, Best Website WorksOne way that this upgrade to HTML5 can help is coding websites so that files can be dragged onto any page. Google has recently implemented this because you can now drag and drop files to an email that you wish to send the attachments with. No more time is wasted searching for the correct files and attaching them through the attachment window.

Users now will have the ability to store web files while they are online, for any editing that they may need or want to do while they are later offline. This is again, seen with Offline Gmail. Essentially this comes in handy if you need to work on something important but know that you will not have an internet connection later, you can still save them and work later.

HTML5 can also help us because it comes with a new change that makes content editable. This means that there are to-do list apps that are easy to use and they take advantage of this feature by allowing for local storage of your to-do list also. This is handy if you need to start a to-do list while online.
Many browsers are already using the new HTML5. Even the iPad has stopped using the Flash, and instead is using the latest upgrade. For many people who create websites and run on websites daily, it seems as though the latest upgrade is becoming more popular than the last version that it replaced. There are more innovative changes, and it seems to let things run better and faster. This is great news for everyone who was looking for a change. It is certainly changing the way that people use the Internet and how they browse the web too.  This is no surprise though, technology moves quickly and people are always looking for the best upgrade around.

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