6 Most Popular WordPress Contact Form Plugins Reviewed

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October 27, 2015
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6 Most Popular WordPress Contact Form Plugins Reviewed

6 Most Popular Contact Form Plugins Reviewed

Web form is one of the most important parts of a website. Most businesses have one major goal for having a website, to get customers talking to them. And web forms make this happen.

Apart from enabling visitors to contact site owner, web forms are also vital for data collection from collecting email addresses to feedback, surveys and event registrations. So it’s very important to make sure that your website uses ‘contact form’ that’s user-friendly, simple and just works.

At the time of writing, a search for “contact form” on the WordPress Plugin Directory returns 1,966 results! So, to help you find your way around this massive volume of options we cover the most popular wordpress contact form plugins available. This list isn’t arranged in any particular order.


contact form 7, Best Website Works

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest plugin in WordPress. It was released in 2008 and remains a favourite today, with over 1 million active installs at the time of writing. In 2014, it ranked third as the Most Popular Plugins.

For a free plugin, Contact Form 7 is packed with customization features. And it allows you to make an almost unlimited number of forms. It works well with Akismet, CAPTCHA and Ajax-powered submission. It’s also available in more than 60 languages. However, one drawback for Contact Form 7 is that users need to have some basic HTML knowledge, especially if you want to customize your field.


ninja forms, Best Website Works

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is another popular, solid free plugin. It has a drag and drop feature that lets you create forms in minutes. It’s customisable and allows you to favourite fields that you use regularly. So, if they have specific requirement, you don’t need to enter them every time you want to reuse a field.

If you’re a developer, Ninja Forms offers hooks so you can do absolutely anything. And it offers a number of premium extensions, including file uploads, conditional logics and layout & styles. The support for premium is also quick. You can expect replies within minutes instead of days.


jetpack, Best Website Works

Jetpack – Contact Form Module

With over one million active installs, and more than 30 modules, Jetpack is one of the most popular and feature-rich WordPress plugins. Using the modules, you can add various features you want on your WordPress. One of the most commonly used Jetpack modules is the Contact Form, which offers a simple but smart form creator.  It allows you to customise the fields so you can capture data that’s relevant to your organization. You can choose to send contact form replies to more than one person. This is most useful if there two or more people monitoring the replies. Finally, all responses you get are listed in the Feedback section of your WordPress Admin.


fast-secure, Best Website Works

Fast Secure Contact Form

With over 400,000 active installs, Fast Secure Contact Form is another widely used contact forms plugin. In common with Contact Form 7 and Ninja Form, Fast Secure Contact Form allows you to create multiple forms and customize fields. It also has very good anti-spam features, including built-in Akismet support, CAPTCHA and honey spambots trap. It also has a scheduling feature powered by vcita, which for a monthly fee, allows you to offer online scheduling and online payment.

However, unlike Ninja Form, the backend of Fast Secure Contact Form is messy. You also need basic HTML knowledge if they want to change the style.


gravity forms, Best Website Works

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is probably the most popular WP premium contact form plugin. Like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms uses drag and drop editor. It also offers no limit to the number of submissions your form can accept. And, as with Ninja Forms, form submissions and entries are stored in your WordPress database and are downloadable. However, unlike previous, Gravity Forms allows you to download entries not only in CSV but in PDF and Excel as well.

For an additional, you can also get add-ons on top of its already impressive array of field type. The add-ons allow you to use the form to create quizzes, surveys, user generated content, web directory, pricing and payment. It can integrate with PayPal (and handles subscription), Stripe, Authorize.net and Coupons. It also integrates with email and CRM applications, including Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Freshbooks. Since it’s a paid plugin, it offers customer support available anytime. And you can use it in multiple websites.


formidable forms, Best Website Works

Formidable Pro

Another paid contact form plugin that is gaining popularity with users and developers is Formidable Pro. This plugin also uses drag and drop editor and has most of the features you would expect from a premium contact form plugin. Like Gravity Forms, it allows you to create polls and surveys. It also integrates with payment processor, email and CRM applications. Pricewise, it cost less than Gravity Forms and offers free entry level version (Formidable Forms). However, the lower cost is also reflected in its capabilities. It can only integrate with limited applications, such as PayPal (can’t handle subscription), Aweber, MailChimp and Highrise. 

This list covers only a very small selection of contact forms plugins available for WP. They all work. Deciding the best contact form plugin to use will depend on your needs, budget, and to a degree, your technical knowledge. For someone with basic HTML knowledge, all these plugins are pretty easy to use. But, for complete beginners, some are better than others.

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